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  • The First Party shall issue a demand letter on the name of second party mentioning the number of works requirement, rate of their salary, working hours, Air tickets, working locations, Transportation, Medical, insurance and other facilities as per concern government rules and condition including the power of attorney (Authorizing the Second Party) to recruit and expatriate the workers from Nepal on behalf the first party.
  • Both parties herein shall obtain the approval of the respective government to import, recruit and supply the workers as per the rules of both countries government policies. Incase of any conflict between government rules and the conditions of this contract, this deed of agreement shall be deemed as null and void.
  • The workers will be interviewed, tested and selected by the representative of the  first party or by second party on behalf of first party.
  • The second party shall make sure that all workers by first party are medically fitness from GCC approved Dr./clinic/hospital/ and must possess a valid fitness certificate such as aids, T.B and infections or any other diseases given by GCC Health Ministry standard in Nepal.
  • The first Party will grant VISA/NOC permits of the workers issuing government authority with required necessary relevant documents.
  • The first party will be responsible for receiving the workers from concern airport and arrange employment residence visa from respective government. And the second party shall be arranged all travel documents in respect to employed to the first party.
  • The second party shall supply or will bear responsibility for the recruitment all accepted workers from the first party within the stipulated period and not exceeding 45 days from the receipt of VISA/NOC advice and other allied required documents.
  • The first party agrees to bear the compensation in case of death or injury of the workers and also agrees to bear the cost on transport of dead body to Nepal as per the labors law of country concerned.
  • There will be three months probationary for all the workers, after completion of this period, if any workers is found unfit or unsuitable for the specific job, the workers may be terminated and repatriated at his own cost and the cost will be borne by the second party.
  • Service fees: The first party shall pay services fees in respect the recruitment or workers to the second party or cover that from workers. This terms will be declared on both party mutual benefits.
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